We offer advanced solutions with Big Data technologies for your business.

Thanks to Big Data technologies, great competitive advantages are achieved, which are essential to stand out above the competition.

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We develop Chatbots or virtual assistants for the main messaging platforms: WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook …

Thanks to Chatbots, you will save a lot of money and time when communicating with your customers.

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Use of the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Thanks to these artificial intelligence techniques, processes can be automated and decision-making can be improved.

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Use of advanced data analytics and visualization tools to visualize information easier and faster.

These visualization tools  are already being used by all of the leading companies, to improve their performance, making better decisions.

We are experts in Power BI, Qlik and Tableau.

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Training in the most advanced technologies, both online and face-to-face. We carry out specialized courses in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Visual Analytics.

Among our courses, are the ones specialized in the most used technologies and programming languages in this field: Spark, Hadoop, HIVE, Power BI, Python, Google Cloud, Cloudera, Impala …

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Experts in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots