Big Data

Boost your business with Big Data technologies

At Marktificial we are experts in Big Data technologies. In a global and highly competitive market, it is necessary to use Big Data technologies in order to have a competitive company.

Thanks to Big Data, you will be able to obtain and operate with a large amount of data, from different sources, and get useful information from it.

We master the main tools and programming languages of Big Data: Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache HIVE, Hadoop, NIFI, Python, Google Cloud, Ambari, MongoDB, Impala …

Join the data revolution!


Big Data services

Turnkey Big Data Projects

The best solution if you don’t know how to start.

Support in Big Data projects

Support in the development of big data projects of great importance, assuming only some parts of the project. The perfect solution if you already have an IT team which is working on the project.

Big Data Consultancy

Big Data consulting by one of our members, either in person or remotely.

Big Data Training

Training in Big Data technologies for small groups.


Experts in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots